Photographic Imagery Studio

Terry brings to his craft a unique style, which is based on outstanding natural abilities and formal training, gained through Fanshawe College, the Professional Photographers of Ontario, as well as the Professional Photographers of Canada.

During his professional career, Terry honed his photographic and artistic skills and talents, through a number of studios in the Toronto area.

In the early part of his career, he felt drawn from the hectic life of the city, to the beauty of Muskoka. It was in Muskoka where Terry's unique style and professionalism found its true essence, creating what has come to be known as environmental storytelling portraiture.

As Terry continued to strive for personal excellence within the art of photography, a profound change took place, as he stretched for the more immersing himself in the study of the artistry of the early impressionists, like Degas, Monet and Renoir, through the elite mentorship of the Jay Stock Group of Fifteen. From this five year commitment, Terry increased his knowledge and understanding of impressionistic work, and incorporated these techniques into his already established unique style of photographic artistry.